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Embrace Motherhood with IVF

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Embrace Motherhood with IVF

“Making a decision to have a child- it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone.

A woman’s heart, mind, body, and intellect are transformed into a bigger self, the moment she becomes a mother. The journey of a woman in giving birth to a baby is magical. She gears herself up for nurturing a child by forgetting about herself. Her love flows unconditionally with the child wherever he goes. It knows no bounds and runs as deep as the ocean. Being a mother is the hardest yet the greatest gift a woman can have and every woman deserves to be a mother.

Our team at WINGS IVF is proud to be a part of this surreal journey of a woman. We give women the greatest gift of their life; the baby. Our Best IVF consultation accounts for more than 20000 live births through IVF in the last 17 years. We have brought happiness to thousands of lives we have touched even the critical ones. Our IVF Hospital in Ahmedabad has seen patients with recurrent IVF failures at other IVF centres. We, however, have successfully produced more than 10000 live births in such cases.

The numbers at WINGS IVF speak volumes as we play a crucial role in the journey of you becoming a mother. We receive a lot of women who are unable to conceive and are skeptical about the procedure. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to educate and allow them to embrace motherhood with IVF.

Why IVF?

IVF or in-vitro fertilization is the topmost fertility treatment. In this procedure, the fertilization or the fusion of egg and sperm is carried out in a glass dish. This is also called assisted reproduction. The fusion of egg and sperm outside the body produces an embryo. This embryo is transferred to the mother’s uterus for implantation and pregnancy. Thus, a mother experiences all the fruitful joys of the journey in the same way as a normal pregnancy with IVF.

How Does it Work?

Being diagnosed with infertility can take a toll on your health. You can, however, rest assured because the IVF treatment in Ahmedabad is safe and successful. It involves several steps.

Upon visiting the doctor, she will first run certain tests to evaluate you and your partner. Once the evaluation is complete, the process of IVF begins.

  • Ovulation Induction: In the first step, you will be given some fertility medications. These medications are taken for several months as it helps your body to produce mature eggs. Meanwhile, the doctor will also keep an eye on your hormone levels and body through blood tests and ultrasounds.
  • Egg Retrieval: Once your body produces enough mature eggs, the doctor will remove these from your body. It is a minor surgical procedure with zero risks and complications.
  • Sperm Collection: Similarly, the sperm from your partner will also be collected.
  • Insemination: Your eggs and sperm from your partner will be mixed in a laboratory. This mixture will be stored in a special container to allow fertilization.
  • Fertilization:  In case the sperm has low motility, the doctor may directly inject it into the eggs to promote fertilization. The doctors monitor the entire progress closely. As the fertilization occurs, it is now called an embryo.
  • Implantation: The fertilized eggs or embryos are implanted into your uterus. This may take about 3-5 days after egg retrieval. The doctor usually puts one or more embryos into the uterus. This is a standard protocol across all infertility centers. However, at WINGS IVF we strictly follow freeze all strategy where-in we call the patient for implantation 2 months after making Day 5 Embryos in their natural cycle. Optimal Progesterone levels in the blood will ensure higher implantation rate.
  • Pregnancy: Your pregnancy starts the moment any of the embryos attaches itself to the lining of your uterus.

Your doctor will advise you to rest on the day of your embryo transfer. In some cases, you may also receive additional medication to kickstart your pregnancy. The entire procedure is safe. You may, however, experience some bloating, cramping, or mood swings due to the medications.

The procedure may also be emotionally difficult for a lot of couples. You can always count on the doctors and get your doubts cleared. Our doctors will help you and guide you throughout your journey with us.

Motherhood is no longer a distant island. It is right here, achievable, with us. Contact us at +91787877722 or +917573000281 today.