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WINGS IVF hospitals is a chain of state of the super specialty IVF hospital with 7 centers in India.

WINGS provides a high level of fertility treatments with best quality, comprehensive & holistic care to the couples seeking fertility support care. An interdisciplinary team of experts and caring professionals is committed to meeting the physical as well as emotional needs for each woman and her family.

WINGS IVF Group today stands as one of the highest experienced center in India for advanced IVF techniques like PGT/ERA/Artificial Intelligence (AI). WINGS IVF Hospital has been designed and furnished to provide a high level of Fertility care with comfort and privacy.

We have been constantly maintaining industry-leading success rates through robust protocols which makes us among the top 5 fertility chains in India.


  • IVF
  • Female & Male Infertility
  • Advanced IVF Technology

    - PGT-A

    - ERA

    - Ovarian Rejuvenation

    - Endometrial PRP

    - Artificial Intelligence(AI) to select embryo

  • Advanced Genetics

    - PGD

  • Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Foetal Medicine


  • Own Eggs Pregnancy
  • Recurrent IVF Failure Experts
  • Fertility Preservation
  • World’s Most Advanced IVF Techniques


STEP 1 : Once you are ready to begin your journey with WINGS IVF, we will assign a fertility guide to you who will collect your medical history and previous reports in order to obtain the opinion of one of our fertility experts.

STEP 2 : Your WINGS IVF's fertility guide will then share with you the treatment recommended, along with its estimated cost. Your fertility guide will also share the treatment timeline, any diagnostic tests or investigations that are required, as well as a Medical Visa Invite.

STEP 3 : Your WINGS IVF's fertility guide will schedule a video conference / Skype call / teleconference for you with the fertility specialist to review your case before you travel to India.


Accomodation Support : It’s our aim to make your stay in India as easy and comfortable as possible. All our clinics are in prime locations with good hotels and guest houses close by. Your fertility guide will help you find accommodation that meets your needs. Our dedicated international support manager will assist you with local travel and transportation.

Airport Pick-up and Drop Facility : Complimentary airport pick-up and drop service will be provided by WINGS IVF's International Team. The team will also assist you with your travel while in India. Our International Team can arrange a visit to any of the historical sites in Ahmedabad. We can also arrange your travel to one of India’s many unique tourist attractions.

Translation Assistance : In-house interpreters are available for the following languages: Arabic, Pashto, Bangla, French, and Russian. We can also assist with other languages if required.

International Lounge : WINGS IVF's International Lounge offers free Wi-Fi and TV with international entertainment channels.

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