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A report suggests that 27.5 million couples are looking to be parents but are facing difficulties to become parents by natural means.

India has grown manifolds in terms of technological and skills advancement in this field and has become a big centre of attraction to provide expertise solution to the world by catering a huge population.

Fertility issues are due to low egg quality and sperm quality as marriage being taking place in a very advance age, sedentary lifestyles, exposure to radiations, low food quality, stressful lifestyle etc.

We proudly suggest that our protocols in OWN EGGS pregnancy are among the best in the world which helps us give best results to our patients.

WINGS IVF offer all the solutions under one single roof at all its spread across India with high expertise in OWN Egg Pregnancy where we believe that you must have your own child with your own eggs instead of donor egg or donor sperm. Our success rate is much higher as compared to the industry with more than 20000+ live births by Own eggs, more than 10000 live births in recurrent IVF cases by Own Eggs. We practice freeze all technique so that you have a higher success rate. We also use scientific methods like Pre genetic screening (PGS), Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) to have an accuracy of successful live birth. We are the first to start practicing selection of embryo with Artificial intelligence which is cost effective as well as increases the success rate.

We started our journey 18 years ago from Ahmedabad and established our highly scientific practice as WINGS™. Today we have a presence in various parts of India reaching to Rajkot, Surat, Udaipur, Delhi, Patna, Bikaner, Khammam and reaching internationally to Kenya, Ethiopia. We also have Skill partners with us at Khammam (Telangana), Bikaner, Gandhidham, Dahod and many more locations.

As part of our skill sharing, we have developed an educational program for practicing gynecologists to get advanced practicing knowledge in IVF by running Fellowship programs in IVF and Embryology supported by Parul University. This way our disciples are practicing worldwide in Middle East, Africa, Indian subcontinent and we have a huge number of patients being catered through these fellows worldwide.

In India, ART act is passed by Parliament last year and this has given guidelines in Embryology laboratory technology and instruments, Embryology results, Practicing Doctors expertise, Donor selection. Looking to current enactment, Future IVF industry will be working more on OWN EGG Pregnancy as donor scarcity will be huge so everyone has to increase their expertise in this practice.

This Act has also given guidelines for storage of Egg and sperm for future utilization especially in young people who want to delay the parenthood or in case of patients where fertility get affected due to illness / treatment.

At the end we invite all the future parents to utilize our state of art technology and high-end skills for Freezing their future by Freezing your Sperms / Egg, passing you own genes by taking advantage of OWN Egg pregnancy skills even in Recurrent IVF failure cases as well as advance age with low AMH females to have the pregnancy.

WINGS IVF proudly presents itself as a pioneer in “OWN EGGS & OWN SPERM” pregnancy through IVF and pioneer in recurrent IVF Failure treatment cases.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries about WINGS IVF group or any of the treatments offered at WINGS IVF.


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Our mission is to bring international standards within the reach of every individual for fertility treatment. We are committed towards Giving Birth to Your Hope

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Technology, Trust & Transparency are our core values.