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About Advanced Treatments

Infertility is no longer a common sorrow for women. According to reports, one-third of infertility issues are due to males, one-third are due to females, one-third are due to both males and females, and the other one-third is due to unexplained reasons. Looking at the scenario, the treatment of infertility is also evolving to improve the success rates.

Advanced infertility treatments utilize the latest technology and treatment protocols for improving the success rates of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The ART involves the process of fertilization in the laboratory. The sperm and egg cells are fertilized in specific laboratory conditions under stringent supervision by a team of expert embryologists. The fertilized egg or embryo is also evaluated for quality and chromosomal abnormalities. The embryo is only implanted if it meets the standards and is devoid of any medical conditions.

At WINGS IVF, we provide overall treatment for infertility with our ART procedures. All of these techniques are scrutinized at each step to maintain the quality of the embryo. We ensure high success rates with our advanced technology for infertility procedures. This includes:

At WINGS IVF, we understand the importance of parenthood in your life. Hence, we put our best

efforts into providing you with happiness. We do this by combining the efforts of our brilliant team with advanced facilities. The laboratories at our hospital are equipped with the latest AHU labs with microfiltration, state-of-the-art incubators, and other equipment that reduce the cycles of treatments as well as improves the formation of fertilized egg or embryo even in difficult situations. Reproductive genetics ensures that the implanted embryo is safe and healthy. Moreover, the guidance of our team at each step of this process plays a key role in delivering exceptional patient outcomes.