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Dr. Anshika Lekhi

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Dr. Anshika Lekhi

IVF & Infertility Consultant WINGS IVF & ORTUS Health, Delhi
Infertility, Minimal protocol stimulation,
Repeated failure ivf, Hysteroscopy



  • Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine from CIMAR, Kochi, Kerala 
  • D.M.R.E. from International School of Medicine, Kiel, Germany
  • F.A.R.T. from World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Basic training in Robotic Surgery from World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi 
  • D.M.A.S.from World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi
  • F.M.A.S from World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi 
  • ICOG certified Fellowship in Endoscopy from Manchanda’s Endoscopic Center, New Delhi 
  • Diploma in Obs. and Gynae from HIHT university, Dehradun 
  • MBBS from HIHT university, Dehradun
  • ​Internship from Hindurao govt hospital

Oral papers

  • Pet scan a pre treatment screening modality in ovarian mass- Annual AOGD 2015.
  • A rare case of ovarian abscess in a nulliparous woman- North Zone Yuva FOGSI 2016.
  • Story Of Management Of A Challenging Case Of A Fibrotic Uterine Cavity- North Zone Yuva FOGSI 2016.
  • Placental Polyp – A Diagnostic Dillema- North Zone Yuva FOGSI 2016.
  • Hysteroscopy: A Diagnostic And Therapeutic Tool For Adenomyotic Cyst- North Zone Yuva FOGSI 2016.
  • Successful Endoscopic Managment Of A Non- Communicating Rudimentary Horn-AAGL 2016 VIDEO
  • Effectiveness of hysteroscopy in evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding and its histopathological correlations- AAGL 2016
  • Role of hysteroscopy in diagnosis of asherman syndrome- AAGL 2016
  • Asherman syndrome: commutable to pregnancy- AAGL 2016 VIDEO
  • Hysteroscopy in Uterine Anomalies: An Edge- IFFS 2016
  • Hysteroscopy in Retained Placenta Accreta: A Uterine Salvage- IFFS 2016

Work Experience

  • Worked as Senior Resident/ G.D.M.O. in Dept. of OBG at Swami Dayanand Govt. hospital, Dilshad Garden, Delhi from 8 September 2014 – 7 March 2015.
  • Worked as Senior Resident in Dept. of OBG at Batra Hospital and Medical research institute, Delhi from 8 July 2015 to Dec 2015.
  • Worked as fellow in Laproscopic surgery at Manchanda’s endoscopy centre, New Delhi from 1/1/2016 to 31/6/2016.
  • Worked as diploma in Laparoscopic surgery at world laparoscopy hospital, Gurgaon, India from 1/7/2016 to 28/7/2016.
  • Worked as fellow in assisted reproduction technique at world laparoscopy hospital, Gurgaon, India from 7/7/2016 to 13/7/2016.
  • Self-employed, as consultant gynecologist and infertility specialist at Ajay Medicare Center, New Delhi from 14/7/2016 till now.
  • Visiting consultant infertility department Max Hospital Gurgaon from April 2019 till Jan 2022.
  • Consultant IVF Myra IVF center Gurgaon from June 2019 to August 2019
  • Consultant IVF W Pratiksha Hospital Gurgaon from January 2020 till Dec 2020.
  • Consultant gynecologist and infertility specialist at TheFertilife clinic, own home clinic in Gurgaon.
  • Consultant IVF specialist at Milann fertility center Delhi and Gurgaon from Jan 2021 till 15 july 2022.

Poster presentations

  • 2 cases of rare causes of secondary infertility- Annual IFS.
  • Janiceps conjoined twins- a rare case report- AICOG Agra 2016.
  • Presentation of endometrial carcinoma in young women- RGCON.
  • Granulose cell tumour of ovary in a benign looking adenexal mass: a rare occurrence and its management- RGCON.
  • Dermoid cyst in 82 year old woman-can be non malignant- RGCON.
  • Primary clear cell adenocarcinoma of cervix in a young women-RGCON.
  • Adult Type Of Granulose Cell Tumour In Young Girl: A Rare Occurance And Its Management- RCOG 2016
  • Story of Management of a challenging case of a fibrotic uterine cavity- RCOG 2016
  • Hysteroscopy In Uterine Anomalies: An Edge – IFFS 2016
  • Hysteroscopy In Retained Placenta Accreta: A Uterine Salvage – IFFS 2016

Academic Achievements and Publications

  • Presented 21 papers in various national n international conferences
  • Published 20 articles n studies in various reputed journals.
  • Innovatory Gynecologists of India by economic times march 2022
  • Iconic Healthcare Leader Award Gynecologist and IVF specialist 2021
  • Awarded scholarship in robotic surgery by Vattikuti foundation in March 2016.
  • Awarded Honorary Fellowship by Indain Academy of Obstertrics and Gynaecology (Dec 2016)
  • Joint clinical secretary Delhi ISAR chapter (2015-2016).
  • Award for Medical Services Excellence Award at IMA NATCON 2015.
  • Associate RCOG (2015-2016).
  • Organizing secretary IMA NATCON 2015
  • Conducted infertility workshop in D.M.A. conference 2015
  • President, Sanklap Foundation NGO
  • Organizing chairman Stemconn 2016.
  • Secretary Anti Ageing Foundation.
  • Executive member of East Delhi Medical Association.2015-2018
  • Scored highest marks in university during Post Graduation.
  • Certified in clinical contraception from PFHI.
  • Guest editor in international society of gynae plastic surgery journal (2013-2014).
  • Attended many hysteroscopy and infertility workshops.
  • Life member of FOGSI.
  • Life member of I.M.A.
  • Life member of D.M.A.
  • Life member of AOGD.
  • Life member of IFS.
  • Life member Delhi ISAR.
  • Life member of WSOLS.
  • Life member ISAR
  • Life member DGF
  • Life member SFM

Department Hours

Monday - Friday09:00AM - 06:00PM
Saturday09:00AM - 06:00PM
Sunday09:00AM - 06:00PM